peanut butter s’mores bites.

peanut butter s'mores bites.

honestly, this couldn’t have been more simple. i always underestimate how good s’mores are!!! they’re one of my favorite sweet snacks 🙂

2 full graham crackers
mini marshmellows
semi-sweet chocolate chips
mini semi-sweet chocolate chips (garnish)
crunch time all natural peanut butter

i just used my toaster oven!!
break your crackers in half to make 4 pieces
put about 5 chocolate chips on each one
toast in toaster oven until chocolate starts to melt
take them out and spread the chocolate with a knife
add about 6 mini marshmellows to each one (they will stay on and stick to the chocolate so it’s easy to put back into your toaster oven!)
toast your s’mores again until marshmellows plump and brown on top

in a small bowl, mix 2 tablespoons pb2, 2 tablespoons water and 1 tablespoon crunchy all natural peanut butter until smooth

put s’mores on a plate and top with peanut butter mixture and garnish with mini chocolate chips 🙂 DELICIOUS! nomnomnom midnight snacks are the best.

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